A Porsche 914? Why?

My 1974 Porsche 914

By some it’s considered the ugly duckling of the Porsche family, but I have always had a soft spot for it. Let’s see what it has…

  • designed and built by Porsche (albeit originally designed for VW by Porsche)
  • mid-engine and rear wheel drive
  • low center of gravity and a curb weight less than 1000 kg’s
  • plenty of upgrading possibilities
  • looks of a 70’s twoseater targatop sportcar

and has not…

  • any sort of rust protection from factory
  • straight line acceleration is not great (0-100 km/h in about 9 seconds)
  • the looks of the iconic 911

The rust issue is the biggest thing in the near future for me, my car has a few rust spots and I’m sure they’ll turn out to be more severe than they look on the surface. But they will be dealt with and the body repainted.

The lack of horsepower is very fixable and all sorts of upgrades are available, V8-swaps, Subaru engine convertions etc. I will be keeping the original engine however with a few upgrades. Firstly I will want to upgrade the 39 year old injection system and after that, who knows.

So…it’s a quirky looking, (Yes Steven I used the q-word) sporty-ish, well handling, upgradable Porsche.. It ticks all my boxes!


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  1. Swade

    Q-word noted. Please don’t use it again 🙂


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