Importing my 914

At the local Bilprovningen.

My car is originally from California and importing it to Sweden of course comes with some problems.

The speedo showing mph instead of km/h would be the most obvious one. Swapping the speedo was just a 10 minute job. Coming to the local registration office however I found out two things I was unaware of.

  • The turn signal and position light can not share the same lightbulb as it does on the US spec 914’s
  • The car needed a certificate that the brake system was complies to  the VVFS 2003:22 Chapter 12 §3

Sorting out the turn signals is just a matter of mounting a separate bulb holder to hold a 10W bulb for the position light but the certificate matter was alot more troubling.

I contacted Volkswagen group who are the importers of Porsche into Sweden and got in contact with their legal department and to my surprise they got in contact with Porsche in Germany and within a week there was a signed certificate in the mail. Funny how something you think will be a huge issue with lots of hassles works out easily like that.

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