Road legal !

So yesterday friday the 21st of April we had a little appointment made. It was time for the Swedish safesty/enviromental inspection to make the car roadlegal. Since this is a classic car it gets legal for two years at a time. Vehicles that are between 5 and 30 years old has to be checked every year. I’ve been both excited and dreading this a little. I know the car is in very good shape and I’ve checked and doublechecked everything that could possibly be brought up as an issue.

Once it was our turn, first they checked the brakes and handbrake, they drive the car a few hundred meters to make sure it drives ok. They check the horn, windshield wipers, windshield washers and emissions.

Then its up on the lift. Checking all lights, I had to adjust the drivers side fog light and the passenger side headlight as they both stood a little too high. The guy was nice enough to let me do it while he checked other stuff. They check the VIN of course. Then they lift the front and rear axles and check bushings and that there’s nothing wierd with the suspension. They check the wheel bearings and the general condition of the underside of the car.

We passed the inspection without a single remark !

Stopped halfway home by the river to take some quick pictures and to try to get the smug smile off my face, it didnt work. Soo Happy !!

So even of this sortof ends the restoration of the Porsche 914, its by no means The End. There’s alot of small stuff to fix and then there’s always improvements and personalizations to be made.

Thank you all for reading and following my work so far. I hope its been entertaining.

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