What? 2018….oh look at that…time flies..

Hello everyone, its me again, you know that 914 building guy thats crap at updating his webpage, yes…that one. The car got drivable last spring and was used partially during the summer. By partially I mean I drove it to around late July and then I parked it. The whining from the gearbox kept increasing and I was getting hesitant about driving it more for fear of a complete breakdown.

Come September the engine and gearbox was taken out and the gearbox was delivered to Perrys Motor around three hours drive from where I live. A month or so later he called me up as he’d taken the gearbox apart and found the culprits. One bearing had started to separate and another wasnt too happy either. Syncros on first and second gear was toast. Just a few days ago I made another 6½ hour return trip to pickup my rebuilt gearbox.

But of course that wont be the only upgrade this Winter.

I have gotten a 911 oil temp and oil pressure gauge that will be replacing the 914 combo gauge. That of course means the stock fuel gauge wont work so I will make a 914 GT replica and move that together with the volt gauge down to a separate pod under the dash.

Since I have my doubts about the stock brake bias valve working properly I will replace it with an adjustable Tilton valve. IF the Tilton wvalve works fine I’ll keep it in the car, if not then I’ll send the stock valve out for rebuilding but at least I’ll be able to drive the car in the meantime.

I will also be replacing the stock fuel pressure regulator with a more modern Bosch style 3 bar regulator. The regulator is a custom piece made by TheDubshop.com and will be available for purchasing soon.

I’ve also bought two extra CHT sensors so now I will have CHT temp on all cylinders. More about all these upgrades will follow as I get started on installing them.

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