May update – old sins and lights in the end of the tunnel.

May update – old sins and lights in the end of the tunnel.

So, its May 2015 and its time for an update which covers the reveal of old sins and some lights at the end of the tunnel….is it a high speed freight train?

Foto 2015-04-21 18 28 52

So lets deal with the old sin first, in the picture the lamp on the right is actually the left hand side on the car and the one to the left is the right hand side. Those of you who have followed this project know that I’ve discovered all kinds of traces of the right hand front crash and this is another one. The headlamp bracket isnt lining up as it should. Bollocks!

Foto 2015-04-26 15 22 14

I left the headlights to simmer in their shame (read, aquiring a used parts from friendly 914 owners) and while waiting for that to arrive I tackled putting in new wiring for the front mounted fuel pump. This is how it turned out.

Foto 2015-05-02 13 55 12

I also nagged a friend into putting the new Nankang NS-2R rubbers onto the Cookie cutter rims. Thank you Roger!

Foto 2015-05-03 11 02 38

Nagged another friend into helping me to put the rear glass in place. Thank you Pontus! (yeah I also think my friends are fed up with helping me any minute now…)

Foto 2015-05-03 11 02 47

Once the glass was in place the seatbelt rollers could go back. And no, I dont know why the picture is turned sidways. I specifically told it to not do that!

Foto 2015-05-03 15 59 42

Et tu Brute? Pushed the fuel tank in and buttoned everything in place….then found out I had forgotten to attach the rubber hose from the tank to the pump before putting it in place. Take everything out again, do it right, and put it back. That was fun! Not.

Foto 2015-05-06 17 27 46

Fuel pump wiring and all hoses connected. Scratch that off the to do list!

Foto 2015-05-06 17 31 45

Oh yeah, the drain hose was put in aswell….

Foto 2015-05-08 14 10 02

On to the fuel filter that was located in near enough the stock position.

Foto 2015-05-08 14 31 29

and that actually means the fuel system up to the engine is complete!

Foto 2015-05-10 10 06 39

Put the engine bay rubber seals in place. A bit fiddly but it worked out ok.

Foto 2015-05-10 11 57 42

Back to the headlights, left one lined up pretty ok.

Foto 2015-05-10 11 57 56

Right side one….mneeeh…not quite but close enough.

Foto 2015-05-10 11 58 38

Yup, that’s how it turned out.

Foto 2015-05-10 14 19 37

And for those of you who are on facebook and want to see if the darn lights worked click this link:

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