2013-05-11 Dismantling continued…


Pontus my handyman and #1 parts cataloger.

It’s been quiet in the garage for awhile because of me having started another work assignment that keeps me busy.

We got another few hours of work done yesterday and the main accomplishments was getting the rear hub nuts loosened (lots of heat + impact gun), we got the front and rear glass out, started taking out the interior (only dash and doors left) + some other bits and pieces.

Main things left to remove are:

  • Front suspension and brakes
  • Rear suspension and brakes
  • Doors
  • Dash panel + fan and ducting
  • Fuel tank and fuel lines


IMG_5174 IMG_5173 IMG_5172

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  1. Terry Kerns

    I have a pair of NOS buckets assemblies. The box says 70-76. Right side is grey and has very minor rust. The Left is spotless and black. Now I am not a Porshe person and the boxes are in such bad shape they could have been switch and I wouldn’t know. I can send pics so you can verify which is correct. I have some other parts and a whole car but it is very ruff


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