Engine temperature

Foto 2016-01-01 12 40 16

So when I bought the MaxxEcu almost a year ago now I also went ahead and bought two Type-K temperature sensors to be fitted underneath the spark plugs. I figured I wouldnt need them for the first iteration of the engine but now I’ve changed my mind and this past weekend I set to taking the engine tins off with the engine still in the car.

Foto 2016-01-01 14 30 14

The sensor ring fits underneath the sparkplugs on the #2 and #3 cylinders but for the cable to fit into the sparkplug recess I need to notch the head a little bit at 12 o clock above the spark plug. I sacrified a sparkplug to make a low height plug for the sparkplug hole while grinding the notch with my old Dremel tool.

Foto 2016-01-01 15 14 20

Looks like the cable will fit now.

Foto 2016-01-01 15 59 39

All done, time to refit the engine tins which was a minor PITA.

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