2022 Aluminium bodywork – Hood and hood bulge.

2022 Aluminium bodywork – Hood and hood bulge.

Ok this one is a long one, a process that stretched over a few months with several back and forths and its still not fully finished.

So with the bodywork done we can put the engine back in for the last time right?

Uhoh, the hood doesnt fit anymore. I already knew about this and that I would need a scoop or bulge of some sort because of the height of the engine.

Again, alot of measuring and thinking before any cutting is done.

Starting out small.

Better but still not quite there.

Cutting away a bit more

Hooray it fits !

But there isnt much space for the engine to move, I will need to cut away more.

Well more was cut away and I made this scoop to cover the hole. Not quite happy with the look but it would work for now. It does look a little like a pig nose doesnt it?

As I started to dress up the engine with the intake and fuel rail I noticed something. the hood didnt fit again. The hole needed to be larger still.

So the piggy scoop was scrapped and I started over, this time with the plan to make a longer sleeker shape that was just a bulge. That turned out to be much much harder than I had anticipated.

Attempt number one

Attempt number two

I tried making a mesh shape from TIG wire to find the shape I wanted.

Starting attempt number three…

Nope, still not happy with it ! and it was the same with attempt 4, 5 and 6 !

By now the scrap pile started to look quite impressive

So I took a step back and did the same thing I had done with the hood, break down the shape into smaller pieces that can be made individually. Here is the “spine” along with the two first parts.

Middle pats and first test of the front corner.

Aluminium hedgehog !

Still not 100 % happy with this but it will work for now and I can easily fix the shape later, I need to move onto other things as 2023 is the year I want the car done !

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