Vacation time !

That means even more time for working on the car right?? Well if it means freshly homebaked yummies while I’m working on making the HE stub pipes level then life is pretty good.

Foto 2016-07-10 15 40 38

First task was volonteering my handyman #1 to bring is polishing equipment and give the paint a much needed once over. It turned out great!

Foto 2016-07-14 14 55 13

The light weight front hood kit I bought from Camp914 has never been working properly, the struts were too weak to hold the hood up so I finally got tired of it and set to fixing it.

Foto 2016-07-14 14 55 19

Moving the hinge bracket to this location gives it a much better angle to hold the hood up. Drilled new holes and mounted the bracket with M5 countersunk screws and nyloc nuts.

Foto 2016-07-14 15 24 17

Tadaa! No more shamefull broomshaft to hold the hood up. 😀

Foto 2016-07-15 14 21 38

Another thing thats been bugging me is the brake pedal feel. I suspected I hadnt gotten all the air out of the brake pressure valve.

Foto 2016-07-15 15 06 41

One 12 inch steel braided brake hose with male M10x1 in each end later and I can bleed the valve easily with two M10 bleed nipples on it, remount it on the firewall, reattach the hardlines and then bleed the rear calipers as normal. For apparent reasons I havnt driven the car yet but the pedal feels firmer.

Foto 2016-07-14 10 12 33

195/55-15 on a 7×15 rim is a bit wide for the front trunk board to fit in place.

Foto 2016-07-15 16 45 34

Spare wheel from a 944 will have to do.

Foto 2016-07-13 15 01 01

And a small side project for my garage as SWD didnt want it in the livingroom.

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