Road Trip time!

Every year for the last three years the Swedish 914 registry (part of the Porsche Club of Sweden) has held a 914 meeting down in the south of Sweden. This time the event was planned for Saturday the 13th of May and I really wanted to bring my own car down for the event. Two weeks before the meeting my car was on jackstands with the rear suspension taken apart and I finally found why I couldnt get toe in on the left rear wheel, the left trailing arm was bent! Cue the start of two weeks of ferocious aquiring of new parts, used parts, machine work and painting. Wednesday evening before the event the car was back together and I had scheduled an alignment for 10 am the next day. A huge sigh of relief when the car finally got all the angles right, in the afternoon I went for a 130 km drive staying within a 50 km radius from where I live. The car seemed to work ok!

Friday afternoon was spend giving the car a quick detailing and packing with all the foreseable tools and stuff I might need on the trip.

Woke up at 04:45 the next morning and around 5:20 am I left home for the 400 km (255 miles) journey south. Nervous? Yes, the car was more or less freshly put together and I kept a close watch on the temperatures and pressures for the first hour, later on I started to relax a bit more.

Managed to catch this nice profile shot of the car in the morning sun.

South of Gothenburgh I pulled over at a gas station that we always stop at going south, perfect time for a cup of tea and waiting for Pontus in his Cayman to catch up… This picture is another due hour south, taking a small break before the biggest climb of the trip up the Hallandsåsen. Out on the road again I used the slow lane and 4th gear going around 90km/h up and the CHT temps just barely touched 375 degrees so all in all a success.

We arrived at the meeting around 10:30 and what a feeling it was to drive into Niklas’s small farmyard and be greeted by 6 other 914’s. As usually there was alot of wannabe 914 owners there too bringing their aircooled 911’s, 928’s and other enthusiasts cars.

It was a great day to meet the old familiar faces and too see cars you’ve only seen online and add a few new faces to the names thats only been online user names or facebook contacts before. I got asked alot of questions about my car and the build, I will put some time into updating my Suppliers and Parts section on this page to help people find what they might be looking for.

A big thank you to Niklas and Filip for arranging the meeting and as always supplying nice sunny weather. Hopefully next year we can push the number of 914’s attending into the double figures. This meet is the highlight of the year for me so all other things will just be a bonus from now on.

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