Progress update, part 3 – Home again.

Progress update, part 3 – Home again.


After about a month away from home she was towed home again and setup in the garage.


Time to try a new product, paintremover from the Biltema store, just brush it on…


Wait an hour or two for the paint to bubble up.


Scrape it off…

DSC00441 comes off pretty easily here on the fender, on the back panel of the car it didnt work aswell, I suspect it was another type of paint there.


Nice result!


I’ve also worked on the center tunnel, I’ve cut away some sheet metal to get better access, then wirebrushed all the loose paint and surface rust, treated it with a rust stopper that turns the rust into iron-phosphate and then painted it with a primer.


Today the days before Christmas 2013 I’m working in cleaning up the entire underside.

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