Mediablasting small parts

Mediablasting small parts


Removing the old built-in trashcan compartment in the garage free’d up some usefull space so I could finally get a small mediablasting cabinet and clean up smaller parts myself.


The white plastic piping and the watercontainer underneath will together with my shopvac create a simple water filter to keep the dust to a minimum.


I’m using glass beads as media.


Some parts fresh from mediablasting…


..and a few more.

2 thoughts on “Mediablasting small parts

  1. Hi Mats!
    Nice little blaster you got there!
    As I am going to invest in a new “kompressor” for similar applications im just wondering how many liters air per minute your compressor is capable of.
    Glass beads on stainless steels gives a very nice and attective surface.
    BR/The team at

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