The 2014 Christmas Special !

The 2014 Christmas Special !

Ok…its not liket the Top Gear christmas special, more like a catchup post with some miscellaneous pictures from the last month and a half.

Foto 2014-11-25 17 34 09

Well first off I collected all the rest of the parts from the painters, such as the hoods, roof, sideskirts, rear valance, headlightscovers etc.

Foto 2014-12-05 09 25 59

Some parts has dropped in from overseas aswell, quite a few actually. Started with some new rubber parts and a new front hood wire from

Foto 2014-12-05 09 40 08

Front hood lock cleaned and installed.

Foto 2014-12-05 14 33 37

Also got new windshield wipers grommets including the famous rubber post that holds up the wiper assembly that breaks on most cars.

Foto 2014-12-05 14 33 40

Wiper assembly installed and posts covered with tape.

Foto 2014-12-06 10 59 19

Also got a long package from Tangerine Racing, containing new stainless fuel lines, rear swing arm mounts with toe adjustment and some other stuff.

Foto 2014-12-06 11 22 48

Found out when trying to install the fuel lines that my firewall was missing one hole for the the return line, seems the guys doing the rust repair on the lower firewall took some liberties that I hadnt noticed till now. πŸ™

Foto 2014-12-22 07 47 20

Upper fuel lines intalled.

Foto 2014-12-22 07 47 30

Tunnel fuel lines installed after drilling a new hole, still needs some adjusting done to them.

Foto 2014-12-05 13 38 20

Put the rear bearings into the freezer overnight and then they only needed some gentle presuasion to pop into place in the rear swing arms.

Foto 2014-12-05 13 44 16

Surface treated bearing covers installed with new bolts.

Foto 2014-12-23 12 09 13

Left rear swing arm and shock assembly installed on the car.

Foto 2014-12-22 07 47 43

Had to take the front suspentsion off and lower the steering gear and front crossmember again due to forgetting the steering axle top bushing that seals against the front firewall. Thank you for the helping pair of hands Jani. πŸ™‚

Foto 2014-12-14 10 53 18

Found that my front bearing grease cups/dust caps were the wrong size to fit the hubs. Bugger!

Foto 2014-12-14 09 32 02

Just had to take a Cookie cutter rim out of the storage to try it on the car. πŸ™‚

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