A list of mods and changes done…. Yikes!

A list of mods and changes done…. Yikes!

I got a question from one of the readers (yes, there are actual people reading this, who knew?) on what things I have changed or will be changing from the orginal to something else so…here’s a list.

Reinforced front sway bar mounts.
Reinforced rear suspension mounting points.
Filled in the gaps between the front fenders and windscreen cowl.
Smoothing the rear panel between the lights. (not going to use the “Porsche” logo reflector)
Moving the battery from the original postion.
Paint colour Porsche C9A – Pure White, MY 2010
Shaved jack point covers on the sideskirts.
Front trunk lid in glas fibre.
Rear trunk lid in glas fibre.
Gas struts for front and rear trunk lids.

Changing from four lug to five lug wheel bolt pattern.
Porsche 911 front suspension struts and hubs.
Re-drilled and fitted studs to the original rear hubs.
Elephant Racing Polybronze bushings front and rear.
Porsche 911 front brake discs.
Porsche 914-6 rear brake discs.
Brembo aluminium two-piston front calipers.
Porsche 911 19 mm master brake cylinder.
Tarret Engineering adjustable front sway bar.
Bilstein Sport shock absorbers front and rear.
15×7 Cookie Cutter wheels.
Tangerine racing rear swing arm mounts with toe adjustment.
Bump steer reducing spacers for the steering rack.

Engine and gearbox:
Changing the old intake system for individual throttle bodies.
Upgrading the gearchange mechanism to a Rennshift package.
Front mounted oil cooler with thermostat.
Tangerine racing firewall shift bushing.

Ignition and Fuel system:
MaxxEcu from MaxxTuning will eneable full sequential injection and option to run E85.
-dual head temp sensors
-E85 fuel mixture and temperature sensor
Stainless steel fuel lines from Tangerine Racing
Saab 9-5 Aero fuel injectors (Brown, 350 cc/min)
Front mounted fuel pump and filter.

Electical system:
Upgraded fuse panel with blade type fuses.
All new wiring harness from Kroon Wiring Harnesses.

All new carpets.
Flocked instrument panel.
Upgrading the windshield washer system to the later style with electrical water pump.
Porsche 917 replica gearknob.
3-point rollbar
4-point racing harnesses
Bronze bushings for the pedal assembly.

Yikes! When I started typing I didnt think the list would be that long….and I’m sure I’ve forgotten something….

5 thoughts on “A list of mods and changes done…. Yikes!

  1. Good to have a record laid out like this that you can add to later when (inevitably) more gets done.

    So these are the all the future articles we can look forward to? 🙂

  2. Well some of them most likely but even a magician of words such as me can make a steering rack spacer interesting enough for a feature all on its own. 😉

  3. Who did you buy the fibre glass lids from and are you pleased with the quality and fit?..also, which supplier did you use for the gas struts for the lids? Thanks

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