A friday of steering, braking and some shifty work.

A friday of steering, braking and some shifty work.

When I bought the car the washer stalk on the steering column was broken off and it also had the old windscreen washer system that uses pressure from the spare tire to spray water on the windshield. To fix both these problems in one blow I got a washer and indicator stalk from a Porsche 924 from 1978. Then I carefully took my original steering column apart and swapped out the broken 914 wiper stalk for the 924 stalk. Fiddly work that took taking notes of the position of all the wires to get them back into the right places.

Foto 2015-01-09 07 45 07

Lots of wires, about 14 of them to go back into the right place.

Foto 2015-01-09 08 12 38

Foto 2015-01-09 09 27 06

A complete rebuild steering column, hopefully with working washer and indicator.

Foto 2015-01-09 10 24 21

After rebuilding the column then I installed the intermediate steering axle and then the column itself followed by a temporary install of the steering wheel. Whooho!

Foto 2015-01-09 14 53 51

Also put the new firewall shift link bushing from Tangerine Racing in place on the firewall which in turn meant that I could finally get the front to rear brake line in place and tightened up.

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