Martini Racing takes the win!

Martini Racing takes the win!

Foto 2015-05-30 16 51 04

Together with adhesive and vinyl expert Pontus it was time to lay down some stripes!

Foto 2015-05-30 17 26 43

First red stripe went on easily…then it got tricker as the vents below the windscreen and the
popup headlight made things a bit more difficult.

Foto 2015-05-31 16 11 50

But after a few hours both front and rear trunks were striped.

Foto 2015-05-31 16 28 37

We opted for not continuing the stripe down below the trunk.

Foto 2015-05-31 16 33 23

A few days later we tackled the roof and windshield frame.

Foto 2015-06-07 12 44 20

And this is how it turned out. The engine lid is still to be covered but that can wait a Little bit.
I’m really REALLY pleased with how it turned out. Much better than I expected. 🙂

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