Engine being prepared for new injection system.

Engine being prepared for new injection system.

Foto 2015-05-29 15 34 02

First batch of parts needed for the engine upgrade came from Mario at thedubshop.net. Very quick service and top notch quality parts. In the Picture is the crank trigger Wheel with sensor and sensor bracket, the IAT-Intake air temp sensor and CLT-Coolant temp sensor.

Foto 2015-06-09 17 00 51

Another few packages arrived with my new battery, an Odessey PC625, a high torque starter and some extra wires.

Foto 2015-06-09 17 54 36

Rear crank seal was pulled out and the seating area cleaned up…

Foto 2015-06-10 18 09 49

…and a new Elring seal fitted.

Foto 2015-06-09 18 11 38

Also got the other parts needeed for the flywheel side of the engine new.

Foto 2015-06-10 18 32 54

I’m reusing the old clutch disc and pressure plate since I have the receipts saying they arent very old or has much milage on them.

Foto 2015-06-12 15 41 06

Finally the powdercoated engine tins can go back on, they really make the engine look so much better.
The tins should have been black if I was staying with originality but I think silver looks awsome.

Foto 2015-06-12 17 01 34

Finally the gearbox was mounted and the new starter with it. Ready to go back into the car!

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