Major milestone reached!

Major milestone reached!

Foto 2015-06-25 20 11 26

Well after changing the gearboxmounts there wasnt anything really holding me back from taking the next step…

Foto 2015-06-26 15 11 15

Raising the rear up the car body about 50 mm more and tilting it so one side was about 70-80 mm higher than the other side.

Foto 2015-06-26 14 42 41

This is the reason for tilting the car, getting the engine tins past the inner rear suspension nuts.

Foto 2015-06-26 16 17 51

Line up the engine beam with the front mounts.

Foto 2015-06-26 16 38 27

and hey presto…the engine is back in the car! WHooohoo!!

Foto 2015-06-26 16 40 24

Of course I couldnt wait to slide the intakes and throttle bodies into place. Mmmmmm….yummy!

Foto 2015-07-01 17 44 05

In the rush of euphoria that followed getting the engine back into place I put the driveshafts back in too.

Foto 2015-07-01 17 17 37

And torqued the bloody center nuts to 325 Nm and inserted a split pin on both sides.

Foto 2015-06-30 19 57 44 (1)

Had to try the Fuchs wheels on….sexy as hell…sadly I only have 3 of them, these two being the good looking ones, the last one is in bad need of restoration.

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    1. These are the rear driveshaft nuts and yes the Porsche 914 workshop manual specifies 300-350 Nm.

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