July catchup post.

July catchup post.

I’ve been on vacation for the last few weeks and managed to squeese in a few hours of garagetime most days so here’s a quick catchup post.

Foto 2015-07-07 12 47 00

Carbuilderselfie! Not the most comfortable position but needed when it comes to installing the glovebox and top and bottom dashpads.

Foto 2015-07-07 15 49 13 (1)

Here’s a shot of the completed dash.

Foto 2015-07-08 12 28 04

That black Alcantara really looks smooth. Yay!

Foto 2015-07-09 12 09 41

Next task, spray the remaining three ATS Cookie cutters with some Plastidip Vintage Gold, first alot of masking and then on to apply 4-5 coats of paint.

Foto 2015-07-09 10 17 13

Comes out really nice.

Foto 2015-07-09 12 28 41

Here’s how it looks on the car.

Foto 2015-07-10 12 17 35

…and then…. I just couldnt wait any longer. It had to come down on its own wheels. The first thing that hit me was that….its sooo low! After having had it on jackstands for the last two years, its a really tiny car when it comes down on the ground. I love how low and raceready she looks just standing there.

Foto 2015-07-10 12 25 19 (1)

Front view….

Foto 2015-07-12 11 55 37

Well, having gotten it down on the ground motivated me enough to start dealing with the cracked front fibreglass GT bumper and lower valance. The plastic fog lights grilles were in a quite sad state so they were painted black.

Foto 2015-07-12 19 37 29

The bumper came out ok but I might need to get a new lower valance as mine has taken a beating and then some. It wont fit quite right.

Foto 2015-07-21 10 54 59

The last major hurdle is connecting up the new ECU, after that its very close to engine start!

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  1. Hei. Hva gjorde du med targa taket ditt? Sparklet det? Liker det slette, flate taket med lakk på!

    1. Mitt tak var redan målat när jag köpte bilen. Så det har bara slipats ner lite och lagt ny färg på.

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