Moving forwards…

Moving forwards…

Foto 2015-08-03 11 56 38

Foglights ready to be assembled with new seals from SierraMadre. The reflectors arent great but they’ll have to do for now. Will only be using the foglights for DRL’s anyway.

Foto 2015-08-05 10 41 32 (1)

And the foglights are working after some faultfinding. The fogs werent working at first but when i disconnected them and measured on the supply wires I had 12v on them, but as soon as I connected any lamp the voltage went down to 0v. Tried a new relay and luckily that fixed it.

Foto 2015-08-05 15 14 16

Next issue was getting the lines for the new Setrab oil cooler past the righthand side foglight, well the rubber hoses were too thick to go past so I had to resort to some 12 mm dia pipes instead.

Foto 2015-08-08 11 53 30

Front all done up, the patched up lower valance isnt fitting great but it will have to do for now.

Foto 2015-08-08 11 56 34

And here’s the oil hoses running thru the front wheel arch.

Foto 2015-08-03 11 31 51

Ignition coils has arrived, these are LS2 coils from

Foto 2015-08-08 08 34 06

And here are the adapters for the ITB’s these raise the mating surface above the injector rails so I can use any type of IDF style air filter.

Foto 2015-08-08 08 41 25

And this is what they look like installed.

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