Summer 2022 – Engine wiring and first drive !

Summer 2022 – Engine wiring and first drive !

I knew that the engine ran and worked when we took it out of the donor Volvo. Getting it started again was always a bit of a worry at the back of my mind. Alot of time was spent researching which components and wires went where and what needed to stay and what could be cut out.

The first task was finding a spot where the box containing the two ECU’s (one spark and one fuel) could fit inside the body and the wires would reach where they needed to go on the engine. The spot chosen is above the passenger feet.

Then started the job of cutting out the unneeded wires and modules, this mean cutting up the entire engine harness and stripping it back to individual wires and or functions.

It started out as a mess of black spagetti….

..and ended up as a worse mess of multicolored spagetti !

The original start relay got to fit inside the box along with the ECU’s.

The ignition coil and its control module.

Two speed fan control relays.

More relays.

Most of the wiring bundled up in new plastic sheaths and starting to route the heater hoses and heat cut off valve.

Test fitting the silencer and routing the exhaust.

The silencer brackets are two pieces of angle iron that is bolted thru the floor panels into the steel frame.

Heating hoses routing done.

Making a heat shield under the exhaust manifold to avoid cooking the coolant hose connectors.

Radiator and hoses done.

I thought I found a good place for the expansion tank but I had forgotten that it needs to be the highest point in the system. This got moved later.

The exhaust downpipe and catalyst being added.

Ready for the first test drive !

Wiring up the rear lights.

Speedometer sensor is sensing two magnets glued to the rear prop shaft flange.

All the electrical wiring is routed inside the grey profile to keep them safe.

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