Making the rear fenders.

Making the rear fenders.

After newyears it was time to tackle one of the last big items of this build. From the start I had planned for the rear fenders to be fixed to the rear hubs and be moving as the suspension moved.
As the body came into being the space for any fender supports shrunk to almost nil so fixed fenders was the way out. This meant however that the wheel to fender gap would be larger than I would
have prefered as the gap needed to accomodate for 60 mm of suspension compression. I made a fender similarly to the front ones but with only one curved edge. The fender needs to sit a bit higher than this.

Making the fender part that will fit against the body. This started out as a straight strip of 2 mm alu that I shrinked to have the centerline of the strip match the curve of the fender.

Testing out the suspension travel. I have removed the suspension spring and use one of my floor jacks to jack up the suspension to find the max height of the tire.

After finding the max height I welded on these brackets which will be the ones that the fender attached too with rivets.

Not pretty welds but plenty strong enough.

Test fitting the fender to the body.

And finally riveted in place. The right hand side is just a repeat of this.

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