The finishing touches before registration.

The finishing touches before registration.

So its time to put the finishing touches on the car like the front indicators, front park lights and headlights. Also the rearview mirrors need to be added. Both the front indicators and headlights are motorcycle parts that also have the right markings to use on a car.

Another thing that is still to be added is a protective grille or mesh for the radiator. I have an idea but need some parts lasercut before I can proceed with the work.

As soon as the weather permits I have done short test drives and warm up which has revealed minor things to fix. A coolant leak, an exhaust leak and other small stuff thats hard to find while sitting still in a garage.

A DIY wheel alignment has been performed and the front end is adjusted to one degree of negative camber and 0,6 degrees of toe in. The rear is set to 1,5 degrees of negative camber and 0,5 degrees of toe in.

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